Photo by Filip Zrnzević on Unsplash


When Lexi lands a job as a nanny in a remote part of Norway, she imagines a roof over her head and free reign to immerse herself in gorgeous scenery. In other words, a much-needed break from real life. 

Her employer, Tom, has very different plans. Still reeling from the suicide of his wife, he’s hell-bent on channelling his grief into building an insanely-ambitious high-concept eco-home in the middle of a remote and unforgiving landscape. With plans spiralling out of control, there’s no completion date in sight, and Lexi finds herself living on a building site rather than the cosy home she’d envisioned.

But creature comforts are the least of her problems. Tom’s dream home is being built on top of long-buried secrets, and the excavations are stirring up more than just soil and rock. Soon, Lexi begins to see things that may not be real. Did Tom’s wife really commit suicide, or did she fall victim of this wild, cursed place? And could Lexi be next?